Our assignments for the ‘Huishoudbeurs’

Although the ‘Huishoudbeurs’ won’t start until the 16th of February, we’re hard at work preparing for it. For the exhibition organization we’re creating a so called ‘Proostplein’. This is a square that consists of two sections. One is for tasting a host of beverages and the other essentially a liquor store, where the beverages get sold. The most interesting aspect of this assignment is its size. It’s a 42 by 26 meter construction, which is quite big for a stand. It also contains over 120 walls. That’s a lot of walls!

We’re also building the MS Mode-stand at the same exhibition. The theme was conceptualized by the exhibition organization. Aside from these things, we also made some decorations. For more of our work, check out our portfolio. For more about the ‘Huishoudbeurs’, check their website.