• Clients: the power of relationships

    With many of our clients we have an ongoing relationship that’s lasted for years. Each of these clients we help distinguish themselves from others in stands, shop interiors and sings. We literally help build their brand. 

    These good relationships make us what we are: a strong partner that delivers custom made brand experiences. A company that never stops and is satisfied only when the client is satisfied. Can we help build your brand too?

  • What others have got to say about us

    “Aplus’s strengths lie in their capacity to make possible what seems impossible within the limits of our budget and wishes. They think in terms of creative solutions and keep the lines short with a steady contact. Out of this arises a relationship where mistakes don’t get a chance.”


    Astrid den dunnen – Schuringa
    Operations Manager / Huishoudbeurs

    “In Aplus we’ve had the perfect partner for years now for our exclusive exposition stands and special shop interiors. With their constant creativity and quality that can be felt down to the smallest detail, they relieve us of all cares regarding the projects. That’s how they’re literally building the brand Scotch & Soda and contribute to our success in the Netherlands and beyond.”

    Corporate Communication / Scotch & Soda
    Corporate Communication / Scotch & Soda

    “Aplus designed and built us a distinctive and practical stand-concept, which we use for national and international expositions such as the Horecava in Amsterdam and the Intermesse in Düsseldorf. At every exposition Aplus advises us on how to best use the concept. They make sure it’s presented perfectly on the spot, and between exposition they store the materials. That’s what you call full service.”

    Johma oet Twente
    Erna Eidhof
    Product Manager / Johma Salades