Getting your product on shelves: the basis

Every product has to be represented well where it belongs. Fashion in clothes stores, snacks in super markets and movie theaters and gadgets in electronics shops Every product or brand has a home. Finding it can be tricky, let alone getting it there. As soon as you know which retailers to focus on, it’s time for the next step: selling your product to them.

Know thy client

This might go without saying, but it’s a common error: know your client! Know their customers, standards, prices, preferred communication channels,  learn everything you can about them. When you’re trying to sell, you will be more able to convince your client why he or she should buy your product and why it would work out for them specifically. A good place to start doing your research is the customers website.

Know thy product

To sell your product, you need to know it through and through. Get unbiased people to check it out and provide you with an opinion on it that sheds a light on it from a different point of view. The potential client will ask you many question, for which you might not be prepared. It’s also a good idea to take a look at your competitors products. Capitalize on the thing that makes your product unique and focus on that.


Have you got a product that basically demand retailers to stop by and take a look at it? Make sure the presentation of said products is the cream of the crop and makes sense with your brand. Does it concern snacks, think of something original that makes sense with that, like a buffet or restaurant setting. Fashion? Put up a showroom with custom built closets, fitting rooms and possibly photos of the fashion. Gadgets could be presented nicely with the design process on display for example. Tons of fun things to do. Think about it.

Fashoin brand Scotch & Soda built a showroom in their main office in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. We designed, built and assembled their closets there. Retailers come there to check out the new collections and hopefully buy them. What’s so cool about this showroom is that it breaths their brand and gives viewers the option to do something with the products right away. The closet-construction has a fitting room in the middle, that allows them to try something on right away.

These were just a few rules to consider. Of course there are many other things to do when selling your product. Preparation is, as always, the key. We’d love to think with you, so do contact us if you feel like sharing a thought!