The human psyché in your advantage

There are many decisive elements that come into play when considering your success at an event or exhibition, but most of it comes down to the visitors that stop by your booth. You’ll obviously want as many visitors as possible to stop by. One thing to consider is the route visitors take at the event or exhibition.

Multiple behavioral studies conclude that people automatically take standard routes that they’ll repeat. No, not the route from your home to your job or from your bed to the bathroom, but for instance at a supermarket or other public places als libraries. People also perform this at exhibitions and events, so grab a map and use this to your advantage.

Do it yourself

So grab a map of the exhibition and face the main visitor-entrance towards you. On the aisle on the far right, draw an arrow pointing up and draw an arrow pointing down in the aisle to the left of that. Repeat until there are no more aisles to draw arrows on. This is the route most people will automatically take. Most people automatically turn right when entering such an environment or building.

Now find the spot where you are placed at the exhibition. If you’ve done the exercise, you can now observe from which direction the visitor will approach your booth. Think about what you put in their fields of view. Making sure that visually enticing materials are placed in their direction, as to lure them in. Of course it also depends on the exhibition or event. If you’re at a consumers event, visitors will likely know what they’re looking for. But for those who wonder this option is far from fiction.

There are many ways to take advantage of your placement at an exhibition. We know this well, and fully use this in our own products. Want to know more? View the rest of our website or contact us. We’re always up for a chat! We’re also quite active on TwitterFacebook and Linkedin! Not in English per say, but throw us a line and we’ll always get back to you!