New stand builder? Make a wise decision

Are you going to be present at an event or exhibition for the first time? Or aren’t things going very smoothly with your current stand builder. These thing happen, but before jumping on board with the next stand builder you come into contact with, it’s smart to consider a few things. The wrong choice could have disastrous consequences.

Getting started

The first thing to ponder on is what you expect from your relationship with your new stand building company. What kind of company should you approach and which one works for you. If you don’t expect anything but simple, uniform stands, there are numerous large retailers that can help you with that. Do you prefer stands built with a more creative point of view, or do you have a design that needs to get produced, then you’re better off with a different kind of company. The next few topics are things to keep in mind, to make sure you’ll make the right choice.


It might speak for itself for some, but always mind the amount of experience your potential stand builder has. Yes, lots of experience is a plus in and of itself. If a company has tens of years of experience and has been around for a while and is probably financially stable. It’s smarter to consider their past projects though. Is there enough variety to be found? Can they adapt themselves to the accessories of different branches? What are they really good at and does that work for you? Lot’s of experience is great, but when eying a company who doesn’t want to show or have a portfolio, something might be off.


A stand builder located near you? Sounds great. It’s easy to stop by, pay a visit and quickly discuss something. But, we recommend you to focus on the distance between the stand builder and the venue where the events are that you are exhibiting. The smaller the distance, the lower the transportation costs are going to be. Want to attend international exhibitions? Consider a company that’s centrally located. Being near airports and big cities is an advantage in this case.


So, now what? You know all these things about your potential new stand building company. The location works out. They have great products in their portfolio. But, how is the company? Don’t hesitate to invite yourself over. This is a very important decision, so naturally, you’ll want to know what it’s like at the company. How is the atmosphere at the office? How does the workplace look? Where are stands stored after the exhibitions? These are very normal things to wander and inquire about. 

In the end it’s completely your choice, so go with what feels right. Of course, we’d love to be considered as being that company. As a stand building company, located in the region of Amsterdam, we have over twenty years of experience. at http://aplus/nl/en/portfolio some great examples of our work can be viewed. You’re always welcome to drop by at our office in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Good luck in your search for a new stand builder and we hope you find one that is perfect for you!